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Hi Emma – I’m sure you’d like our referral to be short and sweet but I’m not sure I can do that 🙂  Your guidance has helped us in so many ways and made our days with our dogs much less stressful. 
We were one of those dog people who bought a king size bed “for the dogs” and put the ottoman in front of the window “for the dogs”.  Emma has taught us that we were the ones that paid for the bed and ottoman so we should be the ones to say who gets to use them and when.  We learned that we were in control of the dogs and it’s not the other way around.  On our walks now we set the pace and choose when to let the dogs pee, we’re not dragged from tree to post.  Our training involved only a new leash and we didn’t have to buy expensive dog treats trying to bribe them, or buy any silly gadgets.  We learned that a quick correction on their leash helps them to settle down and interrupt their behaviors enough that children can now pet them without being almost knocked down.  Consistent training is mostly for the handlers because the dogs look back at you for direction.  Emma brought her own dogs to help us with hands on training.  She was always open to questions and showed us how to do things, over and over again if need be.  My anxiety over other people or dogs approaching is much less now that I know my dogs are not in danger by over reacting to new faces.  Also knowing what to look for in other dogs behaviors helped us visit the dog park for the very first time –  in over 5 years.  I never would have thought my dog would come when called at the dog park but he proved me wrong just two days ago, and this is all due to Emma’s teachings.
If you are looking for straight forward, hands on dog training look no further!  Emma will educate you on how to handle your dogs and you’ll wish you found her number years soon.  We’ve had our dogs for 5 years and in three weeks almost all of the bad walking behavior disappeared.  Before we would avoid other dogs on our walks and now we search them out – just to say hello.
Shawna G
Calgary, AB

2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Duncan and Shawna

    We had Emma out to our place to help us with our recently adopted Mini bulldog, who is just over a year and and a half and was acting out towards other dogs. First thing I’d like to say is if your like us and were trying to watch episodes of Ceasar Millan dog whisperer to try and fiqure out how to correct your dog yourself stop wasting your time and contact Emma. It’s honestly felt like being on an eposide of the show.

    Emma was amazing she first came into our place, met Willow and then took us out to meet her dog Lola. She explained what Willow’s body language was telling us. She showed us how to use a proper leash and snaps to correct our dog back into a submissive state. After the dogs met we all went on a walk together in our neighbourhood to the problem areas we would avoid. Emma was fantastic in the way she would point out other people with their dogs and the behaviours going on.

    In the community we live in there are a lot of pathways that people’s houses back on to, many with chain link fences and dogs. Before when we would walk through these area’s we wouldn’t even be able to control our dog barking and trying to go to the other dogs. Emma showed us how our dog’s behaviour was affecting the other dogs barking at her. I was amazed how she showed us how to correct willow again with a snapping of the leash. We eventually had our dog up near the chain link fences with dogs out and amazing not barking at her and our dog not acting like a fool. We didn’t think this would be possible to be honest. Once we had our dog’s behaviour under control other dogs didn’t act out like they use too, we were in a little bit of shock. It’s amazing what Emma can teach you about your dog’s behaviour and how to correct it properly. By the end of the session she had her dog Lola taking our mini bulldog for a walk it honestly melted our hearts to see our dog follow her and be submissive like that.

    We learned a lot about ourselves and what we need to do when we’re out on the walk with our energy to help our dog. We learned that we need to take the pack leader role off our dog’s shoulders. Our dog needs to know we will protect her. When we see a dog we need to trust that we can control our dog. We know it will take some work but we have all the confidence in the world Emma has given us the tools we need to be successful with our dog.

    We would strongly recommended Emma’s services to anyone who is having any kind of issue with their dog, it was amazing!
    Duncan and Shawna, NW Calgary

  2. Lindsey H

    I contacted Emma after my boyfriend and I brought home a female Boxer, Stella. Stella is Sam’s dream dog, she can do no wrong (“Who’s Dad’s best friend? You are!”). From the beginning, she has been a good dog, she quickly picked up on house training, basic commands, and loved people. Easy peasy I thought. Wrong. Stella has springs for legs and would knock people over when she got excited, she literally four-paw jumped off Sam’s chest one night. We didn’t know how to properly control her, and she was just so little and cute that we were blinded. I started taking her to the dog park where she was quickly showing signs of aggression toward other dogs around me. Enter Emma. Wow. The moment she stepped into my house, she was in control without saying a word. We learned how to correct Stella’s jumping, the benefit of using ‘place’ around the house and how vital structure is within her lifestyle. Most importantly, she explained the role and significance of a pack leader. This is something that I am still learning and adapting to, however , my mentality towards Stella has changed. She is my dog and I love her, but I run her world, not the other way around. Emma pointed out when Stella is giving me attitude after a command (yes, like me, my dog has an attitude, go figure.), and dominant behavioural actions that would have went unnoticed without her watchful eye.
    A few weeks ago, I decided to venture back out to the dog park, let her run and play with other dogs, be free for a bit. Wrong again. Right in front of me, my cute little Boxer pup growled, lunged and snaped at a random dog that crossed my path. This behaviour is completely unacceptable and makes me not trust her. First thing I did was text Emma that I was in need of a phone chat ASAP. Again, she said the same things she had said the first day at my house, that Stella is acting out at the dog park because she feels the need to protect me as I am not pack leader, and that dog parks have zero structure. Not once did an “I told you so” tone come from Emma, she was more than understanding and is so full of tips and knowledge to help me correct these issues. It’s taking time and will take much, much more, but I am working on making Stella go into that submissive state to show her that I am in control of her. She will not be visiting a dog park again for the very looooooong future.

    My dog is always testing me, however, now, thanks to Emma, I am always watching. Like I said at the beginning, Stella is a good dog, but with the knowledge and gift that Emma has, Stella will become a great, well behaved dog.

    Emma, you are amazing at what you do, and thank you for guidance with my pup.

    Lindsey H

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