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Emma became a professional dog trainer in 2009 with the founding of Dog Gone Pet Services. Her initial training was self taught and based on years of experience dealing with her own dogs as well as friends and families dogs. Emma received certification with Cesar Millan through his “Training Cesar’s Way” program at his Dog Psychology Center in California in early 2013 and followed that up with additional certification through Lucas Agnew Workshops in July 2013.  In 2015 Emma flew out to shadow Chad Mackin for a week in Chicago, from Pack to Basic’s. Then in 2017 Emma has taken a course with Kayce Cover on SATS & Bridge & Target Training, Conditioning and Relaxation.

Emma’s uncanny ability to read a dog’s body language and energy enables her to help people strengthen their relationship with their dogs.

The Dog Gone Pet Services philosophy is that dogs are far to intelligent not to enjoy life, owners should be able to enjoy and involve their dogs in all their day to day activities. An owner should not be limited to where their dogs can or cannot go due to unreliable behaviour.

Contact Dog Gone Pet Services today to take the first step toward an amazing relationship with your dog.